First The Streets, Then The Sex Club

gay porn orgy falcon urban spokesThe deft hand of director Tony Dimarco makes for not just another “gay porn orgy.” Today has the kind of sexual choreography of five men who are engaged and connecting with each — and as a group — at the same time. All the time. No one is scenery. No one is left out. Including us.

gay porn orgy falcon urban spokesIn rotating, side-by-side pairings of twos and threes, tag teams orally service the initiates’ holes and the cocks’ of the leaders.

[Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]

[Watch Griffin, Connor, Rod, Ryan & Trenton in “Urban Spokes” scene four]

gay porn orgy falcon urban spokesOf course, Trenton and Ryan have plenty of dick to go around. They are not about their versatility today. They are about the holes of Griffin, Rod, and Connor.


They want in. But are Griffin Barrows, Rod Peterson, & Connor Patricks willing to go far enough to prove themselves to Trenton Ducati and Ryan Rose?

gay porn orgy falcon urban spokesConnor is the first to cum, shooting across Griffin’s torso then Rod busts on Griffin’s pecs. Ryan sets his sight on lets Griffin’s lips and douses them while Griffin dumps his load onto his stomach with Trenton still inside him. Trenton strokes out his nut and throws the chip in the middle of the four loads covering Griffin. In other words, “welcome to the fucking club!”

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