Massimo Piano & Klein Kerr Make Real Love & Blue Screen Magic

gay porn star Klein KerrThe choreography moves from left and right to mouths and cocks. The pedestrian blowjob is replaced by the calls of pleasure and the desire to please. As Klein lowers himself on Massimo’s cock, his greedy hole inhales every inch. Then goes for a ride.

gay porn star Klein KerrWith almost anyone, it would just be a few salsa moves. But today with Massimo and Klein, this becomes part of their mating dance where mutual desire produces a sexual drum beat that can only lead to one place: mutual satisfaction.

[Watch Massimo & Klein in “Rooftop Romance”, scene three from “Kiss And Tev Aviv” at NakedSword]

Sexy Spaniards Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr interrupted their vacation in Israel by inviting NakedSword Originals to their “Rooftop Romance”, the latest scene from the visually stunning and sexually compelling “Kiss And Tel Aviv”.

gay porn star Klein KerrTheir lips, hands, and bodies accelerate the connection to every inch of flesh. They flip as Klein gets Massimo on his back and plunges in balls deep. Klein explodes all over Massimo’s abs then licks up every drop then gets on his knees and once again, surrenders his ass.

Individually, bot Massimo and Klein possess that leading man meets cologne billboard level of handsomeness. And since a man is never more attractive — or sexy — than when he is loved. The two of them together on the blue screen is an explosion as primal as it is passionate.

gay porn star Klein KerrThrobbing hard from Klein’s mouth on top of pent-up pressure from the “Rooftop Romance”, another trip inside Klein pushes Massimo over the edge. His big dick unloads in a heavy, thick nut. As Massimo load drips off Klein’s fresh-fucked cheeks, the lovers find themselves where they started, locked together at the lips.

gay porn star Klein KerrPerhaps one of the secrets to Massimo and Klein’s relationship is that they have navigated to a place where sexuality is what they share on the screen while reserving true intimacy for the one they love. Today, that lust and love manifests itself in a torrid flip showcasing the expression of lip-biting chemistry against the majestic backdrop of the Holy Land.

A few months ago, we asked, “Do Porn Star Boyfriends Make The Hottest Gay Porn?” Today, Europe’s hot couple, Massimo Piano & Klein Kerr provide the hottest “Yes” of them all.

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