Kaleb Is A Keeper

manny kaleb bareback sean codyIt’s always hot to watch Manny ride a dick and that’s what we get next. We also get to see Kaleb fucking up into Manny like a pro. This morphs into doggie on the bed where Kaleb pounds Manny to one of his patented super-soaker nuts that the camera catches in “you are there” closeness“. When its Kaleb turn, he pulls out and sent his load into the next county. He loads it home and Manny’s clean him off with an ATM.

manny kaleb bareback sean codyMore kissing almost immediately into riding on the floor. Without much room to maneuver, this is physically demanding with both of our guys whose quads and arms have to work as hard as their dicks and holes. Even more so when Manny lays back and Kaleb must, and does, fuck up from the floor into him. The only other time I have seen this move here was with Freaky Frankie – which says a lot for Kaleb’s penile potential.

“I’m pretty excited to bust on his face, I’ve never done anything like that before.” ~Kaleb

And the verdict: “It was wonderful. Definitely highly recommended.” And on with the show.

Yesterday may have been Ciñco de Mayo but after seeing this update, the phrase the comes to mind is Merry Fucking Christmas.

manny kaleb bareback sean codyStanding doggie is next. The undercarriage shot is almost as remarkable as what Manny does next. There’s a mirror-topped table nearby which Manny covers with his load like a disappearing windshield at the beginning of a deluge. Then Kaleb crosses off the first thing on his bucket list and busts all over Manny’s face complete with a scene ending fist bump and thumbs up.

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manny kaleb bareback sean codyThey wrangle each other’s clothes off. Kaleb moves on top and what follows is one of the longest and hottest smooching sessions ever on Sean Cody. Until Kaleb stands, pulls Manny to him and takes his ass for the inaugural lap. The kid is a natural and the view of his big dick and hot, lily-white ass in motion offer the promise of things to come.

Kaleb’s explosive solo debut turned out to be a harbinger of hot things to cum and they arrive today in his first hardcore shoot with Manny.

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