It’s Consumption Junction in “Lane & Jakob: Bareback”

“Consumption Junction, what’s your function? Slurping up cum & snowballing my top.” Get inside, guys.

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lane jakob sean cody cum eating barebackRound two begins with Lane lavishing oral love on Jakub in an oral sequence worth watching. Then he hops on Jakob’s dick and a couple of minutes later, gets his second but which he sprays all over Jakob and turns his abs into literal cum gutters.

lane jakob sean cody cum eating barebackJakub practices his rimming skills, grabs Lane’s ankles and plunges in balls deep. He hammers at the hole like a pro and fucks a flying nut out of Lane. Lane’s patented trash talking was interrupted by whimpers of sexual need. If you haven’t gotten your lube yet … get it now.

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He goes back for more when they stand. When Lane wipes up some of the stragglers and feeds them to Jakob, Jakob says, “Tastes pretty good” with conviction. For someone who said, “Smells like salty stuff” during his first scene with Blake, that is what you call progress indeed.

Jakub turns Lane on his side, plunges his dick in again and pulls out just in time to frosts Lane’s hole and loads it home. Of course, Lane goes in for an ATM, showing off his still flooded pucker like a badge of honor. Then one more snowball for the road.

lane jakob sean cody cum eating barebackLane, tanned and ripped, is looking fine. A little pool-side fun in the new Sean Cody house and cut to the bedroom where Lane only breaks the serious lip lock to start deepthroating Jakob. Lane likes that dick, drops his pants and Jakob nails him while the daylight streams in through the window. The undercarriage footage here offers some exceptional eye candy.

lane jakob sean cody cum eating barebackJakob pulls out, spins Lane around in the chair, aims his cock right at Lane’s open mouth and practically drowns him. This is one of most impressive facials in recent memory both in terms of quantity and duration. Then he dives down, unfurls his tongue his Lane’s mouth and excavates his own seed back.

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