Jack Harrer & The BelAmi Bareback Trifecta

When we said, “Jack Harrer Is A Magnificent Man” a few weeks ago, it wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

Brand new is Raphael Nyon & Roald Ekberg in “Hot & Steamy”

Raphael Nyon is newish to BelAmi stable but has clearly, errr, cum into his own. Or in the case today, all over Roald’s perfect hole. Raphael had no issues taking control and Roald, as usual, was up for anything his partner asks of him. They don’t speak the same language, so instead, they comminucated quite successfully with body language. And how.

Frantic facials. Big toys. Bigger dicks. Sloppy creampies. And a sexual rematch that’s been over two and one-half years in the making.

Also just released was Marcel Gassion & Orri Aasen in “Hot Times In The Kitchen”

What’s cooking with these two is a steamy flip fuck right in the kitchen. This is also one of the rare times when Marcel’s fan will get to see him using his cock on Orri in addition to the fucking he takes. As for why the boys had a fridge full of dildos, some things in life are destined to forever remain a mystery. Fortunately, they found the real thing much more appetizing.

[Watch Jack & Marc in “Two Boys, Four Cum Shots]

That’s just one in a bareback trifecta that brings some summer heat to this first week of May.

It’s been two and one-half years since Jack and Marc were teamed up. That was the four-load scene where power top Jack opted to go bottoms up for Marc. His eyes never left Marc’s ass, however.
gay porn star jack harrerWe only have the still pictures so far …
As a refresher, This was the prequel from September 2014. Are we about to see this unfinished business get finished on Wednesday?

A statement that gets reiterated today and also gives “everything old is new again” a gay porn XXX meaning that has been brewing since fall of 2014.

And arriving Wednesday will be Jack Harrer & Marc Ruffalo in “Two Are Better Than One”

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