Gays Gagging Over Oral Cumshots… Again


Of all the things American gays do each summer, our unique ability to swallow semen until we am literally drunk on cum is one of the things of which we should be proudest. How convenient then that Michael Lucas has released “Swallow With Pride” just as we’re unpacking our collective rainbow colored funnel!

Like with the furor over Falcon’s Fleet Week a few months back, a studio is taking heat for something they’ve been doing all along, (albeit very occasionally) and I’m starting to think that it’s just the marketing of it bad taste that’s leaving such a bad taste in opponent’s mouths?



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swallow-with-pride-gay-boxcover-porn.jpgActually, given the results — Falcon International, Bel Ami and now Lucas — it seems Easter European boys are so much more willing than their American counterparts to lap it up. I talked with a porn producer a few years ago who allowed oral cumshots in his movies if the two scene partners wanted to do them. The trouble was: they rarely did. American models, it seems, are a little bit hesitant to swallow unless there’s more money involved, and that gets dicey ethically. Or maybe their partners don’t eat enough pineapple.

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