R.I.P Ethan Marc

A candid I took on the set of Wet Palms, Ethan Marc's smile could light up a room

This news hits me like a ton of bricks: Ethan Marc is dead, (per GPTimes). We became friends on the set of Wet Palms, where we bonded over a love for Apple products and modern design (he sold me his Louis Ghost chair for a steal and I still have it).

Frequent run-ins with the law and bouts in and out of rehab got in the way of a consistent porn career and made it almost impossible to stay in touch. In 2005 he found himself in the center of a mess of drama involving some bad checks, and an angry porn star ex-roommate. He then left the porn industry until earlier this year, when he cropped up in a few scenes on amateur porn site Southern Strokes.

In an interview I did with Ethan in 2004, he told me his secret fear was growing old. He would have turned 39 in two weeks. His obituary doesn’t list a cause of death, but says he went “peacefully”. Although I hadn’t heard from him since 2006, I still would think of him from time to time. Despite his best efforts to hide it, he was an incredibly smart and caring person who left a considerable impact on me.

Rest in peace, Chad.

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