Is Homemade Porn The Key To Gay Porn Stardom?

gay homemade pornAnd before that, with fellow show-off and sex fiend, Chase Klein.

But a little sleuthing around reveals Chase also appeared in first studio production last month, fucking Cesar Rossi at ExtraBigDicks

[Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]

Then there’s that no man’s land in between has been filled lately by a new hybrid niche from NextDoorStudios we’ve been watching in their “Next Door Home Made” series.

gay homemade pornThere’s no scripts, sets, or glossy photo-sets like studio porn. But in the “Next Door Home Made” releases we’ve seen so far, what elevates it from traditional amateur porn is the production quality. There may not be three-point lighting or an overhead mic, but these have been shot on semi-pro equipment that delivers a decidedly un-grainy, upgraded video compared to something recorded on a smartphone.

gay homemade pornMost recently, there was his scene with hot-assed dick charmer named Derek McLaughlin

And this Friday, Chase will be some of one of Markie More’s last screen partners before he announced his retirement from gay porn last week.
gay homemade porn[Preview Chase Klein and Markie More in “Gay Together” at NextDoorStudios]

[Watch Cesar Rossi & Chase Klein in “Instant Attraction” part three]

[Watch Derek McLaughlin & Chase Klein in “Next Door Homemade”]

Or is homemade porn a place for true exhibitionists who just want people to see them fuck?

[Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]

There’s the porn stars’ personal cell videos on Leaked and Loaded that we visit from time to time.

It was Vinny Lockwood who seemed to get the ball rolling with both semi-pro equipment and semi-pro playmates. And although he did make one studio scene for ShowerBait/Gay Room, it paled compared to his self-filmed romps.

Today, it all comes together. With Vinny as their mutual fuck-bud, Chase and Derek took over Vinny’s place for an afternoon to do their own thing. They liked how it turned out and submitted the footage to NextDoorStudios.

Whatever Chase’s gay porn ambitions are, or aren’t, he got his start with homemade porn. Is this the new vehicle for the next generation of stars or just a new niche taking starting to take a foothold? Time will tell. And so will we.

There’s the studio porn we look at every day here at The Sword.


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