A SexFest Done Right: “Asher, Deacon, & Brysen: Bareback”

Deacon didn’t cum in the second round or even get hard while being fucked. For Deacon, I don’t think fucking is about wanting the act itself but desiring the intense physical connection it offers him with Asher. And so be it. When the day comes, I want it to say “former porn stars and current boyfriends Asher and Deacon.” Not the other way around.

asher deacon brysen bareback sean codyAnd if you’re going to invite a third, handsome, thick-dicked Brysen is an ideal choice. Those who have disparaged his topping ability need to see him in action today. Those that said Deacon could do better than Asher are also going to have their comeuppance: he looks hot AF.

The fact that Sean Cody is capable of scenes like these is why the recent offerings have been so maddening. Everyone in front of and behind the camera brought their A Game today. And it shows.

deacon asher brysen bareback sean codyA little beach frolic, some shower fun, and back into bed for some daisy chain oral as a warm up. Then Deacon rides Asher while Brysen appreciates them both. Now it’s Asher turn to deliver the creampie, and it’s captured perfectly. Brysen couldn’t resist and got his fingers right into the filling along with Asher’s dick.


It’s now Deacon’s turn. He gets on all fours on the bed, and Brysen buries his dick to the balls while fingering Asher’s hole. Then Brysen creampies Deacon. Asher drops right down and helps himself to a deep, long slice of pie. Then he sucks the dick that fucked his man before sharing it back first with Brysen, then with Deacon. And part one ain’t done.

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We’ve talked about what a difference it makes when the models are gay and not G4$. Asher & Deacon’s scene took that one huge step further: they’re beyond both gay, they are lovers. Today wasn’t just them wanting fresh dick. It was about them inviting a third to share their connection.

But that day hasn’t come yet. I do disagree with the title “Asher, Deacon, & Brysen: Spring Break.” I find it more “Asher, Deacon, & Brysen: Sexual Disney Land.” And guys, now that the work week is done, what better destination is there than that?

asher deacon brysen bareback sean cody

[Watch “Asher, Deacon, & Brysen: Spring Break” at Sean Cody]

Deacon alternates between making out with Brysen and sucking his cock while his man Asher rims that beautiful ass. But when Asher rolls on his back, Brysen buries his dick inside while Deacon gets over him as if to 69 and chows down on Asher’s dick. Then Brysen feeds Deacon that dick fresh from his boyfriend’s ass.

deacon asher brysen bareback sean codyDeacon first rims then bends Asher over and fucks him as Brysen alternates between kissing them both. But once Asher starts sucking Brysen, Brysen gets hard again and the spit-roast begins in earnest. Brysen trades lip locks with both the men. Finally, Asher drops to his knees and is rewarded by Brysen’s second load and then Deacon’s. Now round one is done.

Sean Cody adds “Spring Break” to the title, and that vacation exuberance is evident immediately. Deacon both blows Brysen and gives Asher a handjob while Asher is driving them back to the hotel. As promised, once they get there, the magic happens.

Then Deacon moves over and starts riding Brysen while Asher alternated between them. Brysen cums in Deacon and Asher immediately has him roll over and gets his face into the now two loads in his man’s ass. Then he opens the hole for Brysen to load home. Then he ATM’s Brysen’s dick and the passes the taste between the three of them.

A little raunchy. A little crazy. And all shades of hot. Grab some lube. Unzip. And get inside.

deacon asher brysen bareback sean cody

deacon asher brysen bareback sean cody

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