Show Us Your Dick, Pretty Boy!

“Fat Tuesday” isn’t referring to anyone’s weight. Look a little lower.

It’s often said that the real difference between Gay Pride and Mardi Gras is how much public debauchery goes on. In other words, they are almost one in the same.

big cocks mardi grasNew Orleans is always thought of as Mardi Gras’ Ground Zero. But actually, it’s famously celebrated around the globe in Brazil, France, Mexico, and Australia. As we talked about yesterday, Falcon Studio Groups exclusive – and real-life partners – Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight are already spreading their thunder down under as they bring some American flair to the Aussie blokes. Like Mardi Gras itself, Brent and JJ’s Australian Invasion is also just getting started.

It was a holiday invented by Christians so they could indulge in food and other pleasures before they begin their fast for Lent the following day and the solemnity to follow.

Initially, all throws of a beaded necklace were said to bring the recipients good luck for the coming year. Reportedly, it was mothers of large broods who first bared their breast to get a strand for each child. A little while later, beads could be exchanged for drinks. Not surprisingly, that’s when men starting whipping it out too.

We already had a preview of just how hot JJ Knight looks in just a pair of beads. Almost as hot as Kyler Ash looks with a face dripping in JJ’s cum during their “Wild Weekend”.

[Watch Kyler Ash and JJ Knight in “Wild Weekend Part 2” scene three]

Happy Fat Tuesday, guys! May the dicks be big and the beads be shiny. JJ and Brent already have us covered in the shiny big dick department. We’ll be following along to see how those slick, fat poles go over Down Under.

Fat Tuesday, or Shove Tuesday as they call it in the UK, is the English translation for the French phrase “Mardi Gras”.

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