Jimmy Clay Delivers Markie More The Perfect Creampie

jimmy clay markie creampie barebackI would say the first half of the scene is swallowing cock, but it’s more like posing with dicks for the “Home Sucking Network.” Get the damn dicks in your mouth already. Finally, Jimmy has seat and starts riding Markie. The pace is still a little glacial, but at least we have some pole in hole.

jimmy clay markie creampie barebackInk doesn’t do everybody’s body good. At least, not this ink. And NDR, if you’re going to belabor the story, at least get Jimmy a haircut so he looks like an intern from the neck up. As for the “Mise En Place” across Jimmy’s chest, it’s a French cooking term. Maybe he knew baking pies were in his future?

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jimmy clay markie creampie barebackFinally, the scene finds its groove as they flip and Jimmy finds himself buried in Markie’s ass.

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Every time we see Markie More, he’s more buff than the last time. But the drenching Jimmy Clay does to his hole is something seldom seen in any scene.

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jimmy clay markie creampie barebackMarkie jacks out a load with Jimmy still fucking away. Not long after, Jimmy pulls out at the perfect moment. His cock spraying Markie’s hole looks like cum is falling from an overhead sprinkler – and it’s captured beautifully. Then he loads Markie’s hole for the ride back to Capitol Hill.

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