Blake Mitchell Surrenders His “Top Only” Status To Sean Ford

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blake mitchell first bottom scene barebackSean caused the breakup. Now he’s breaking in. Or as Helix describes it, “the crescendo cums when big boner’ed Blake gets banged like a butch bitch!”

blake mitchell first bottom scene barebackBut you can’t keep a big dick down or Blake on his back for long. He gets back on top and soon causes a chain-reaction with a quartet of exploding balls. Though Valentine’s dinner is a customary way to be celebrating the day, today Helix is offering up creampies as the entree on this “Boys Night”. Bone Appetit!

blake mitchell first bottom scene barebackOne drilling of a cocky top does not a power bottom make. With all of those pretty asses, Blake had to dip his stick – and more than once. Usually, an on-camera cherry plucking is a one-on-one event. But these boys travel in packs. And when it comes to packing the boys in a single scene, Helix is one of the best.

We knew this was coming since just before Christmas. During the filming of “Breaking In”Helix, though he was coupled to Casey Tanner at the time, Blake couldn’t keep his dick out of Sean Ford after the cameras stopped rolling. Casey said, “buh bye” to Blake. Blake said, “buh bye” to condoms. And that’s still all true. Especially today but in a “hole” new way.

[Watch Blake, Sean, Logan & James in “Boys Night” at Helix]

The biggest real-life soap opera in twinkdom finally reaches its climax as Blake Mitchell surrenders his camera cherry and gets ridden by a Ford.

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