Sean’s Big, Hard Ride

That’s what happens when what proves to be a well hung potted plant fucks the watermelon.

You could strike it off to nerves, but Mateo didn’t seem nervous. He has “modeling experience” after all. And we’ll never know who will be the next big thing unless he’s given a shot. But if this is an example of Mateo’s presence on camera, he should stick to print work. Hopefully, we’ll have better luck on Saturday.

3-seanmateoRounds two begins with Mateo giving the hummer. Some reverse cowboy then onto missionary – and Sean’s dick is rock hard once again. There’s not a lot of pole in hole footage today, but we get more here than in round one. Sean rocks out another load and Mateo, well, he makes his dick sneeze.

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1-seanmateoSean may never outlive the “watermelon” remark, but his dick gets a lot harder when he’s a bottom that anytime he attempted to top. No matter what he says, any guy who shoots into his own mouth while getting pounded has a body that is telling the truth. And just look at that, Sean even fluffed up his big dick while getting a considerable amount of Mateo big dick down his throat.

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2-seanmateoThere is some kissing today which is always a bonus, but primarily Sean and Mateo seem like two guys in the same room rather that two men were doing a gay porn scene. Sean did all the heavy lifting today. And most of that, with his dick. Who is fucking who? Exactly.

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