Month: March 2017

The Cooking Channel: Semen Special

The hell with protein shakes or multi-vitamins. The best way to get your recommended daily allowance is to cook it up at home. Despite what we have heard, according to FoodBeast, semen doesn’t have significant concentrations of protein or calories. However, Recutress acknowledges, “Sometimes your cravings for cum get intense, but don’t worry, load lovers! […]

Liam Knox Breaks Into Porn & Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber and Liam Knox reaffirm two things today. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. And more often than not, flip-fuck is better than dicking. The handsome face. The hairy body. The fat cock and hot ass. Jesse had all of the elements on his own. And now, he’s about to get the big break […]


Nice cock buddy! Sure would like to help you stroke on out. Of course I’d be rubbing those balls while I’m pumping away on that rock hard cock in anticipation of seeing you blow a nice load of white hot man seed!! lol…lol

Jizz By The Yard

If the load Jonah Fontana drenches Ian Greene with traveled any farther, it would have needed a passport. We know it. Calvin Banks and Mickey Jr know it. And so does Woody Fox and Brandon Wilde. A $10 bill gains you admission to a secret on-demand fuck pad in San Francisco called “The Ten Spot”. […]