Month: January 2017

Kipp Is Au Naturel

“I love it. No lube necessary. No lotion.” ~Kip Kip is a natural kind of guy and brings some uncommon elements to the party today. First, he actually looks likes he knows what he doing on the basketball court and there is a sexiness to that. However, the fact that even bodes a mention when […]

It’s Bear Season

It’s not that hairy men are all hiding online. But it used to be very difficult to find them. Used to be. If Hairy is how you begin your online searches, too often, the lack of results end things right there. If that’s the deal breaker you can’t get past, your days of settling or […]

The Double Dicking Of Seamus O’Rilley

Seamus O’Rilley, the shameless sexy ginger, gets double the pleasure today from Asher Devin and Bridger Watts. And not always one hole at a time. The whole str8guy shtick doesn’t add anything to the story. It begins right here. Who wouldn’t want to wake up, look down, and be greeted by twin tongues functioning as […]

JJ Knight’s Massive Dick Can Fix Anything

When Connor Patricks is almost mowed over in traffic, good Samaritan JJ Knight literally cums to his rescue. After taking Connor’s temperature with the fattest thermometer on the Bay, JJ demonstrates one of his greatest talents: They’re rim jobs — and then there’s JJ Knight feasting on a hole. And what a tasty hole Connor […]