Month: September 2016

Guitar Hero

Strolling through the park the adorable Tyler Hill sees sexy new comer Colton James strumming the guitar. Everyone knows guitarists are like the Pied Piper for cock so naturally Tyler goes right up and starts chatting with the stud. Of course Tylers thinking “If this guy can play the guitar this great imagine what he…

Looking Like Winners Already

They have all been nominated for “Best Porn Star” in the 2017 Cybersocket Web Awards. Wait until you get a look at the complete list inside. It’s that time again and the Cybersocket Web Awards nominations have finally been announced. The yearly Cybersocket Web Awards are awarded for all things new and shiny in the […]

Czech Hunter 267

I had to be careful today because I got fined for public exposure recently. It was a crazy night, I just have to behave a bit from now on if you want to see more of my videos. Anyways, I met two young guys kicking their ball on the local soccer field. They both looked…