Month: July 2016

“I Love Gingers!”

The only thing to cure David Benjamin’s fire-crotch fever today in “Silverlake” is an injection from Bennett Anthony. If you have ever tried to carry a full glass of water up the stairs, you might be able to appreciate the finesse of the camera work by director Jasun Mark here – without so much as […]

Hoyt Kogan Gets A Raw Deal From Thorsten Ullman

Torsten Ullman sounds like a Viking name. But the breeding he gave Hoyt Kogan is more a definition of how raw “Going Greek” means in the flesh. Hoyt Kogan and Thorsten Ullman: two incredibly beautiful heads working in unison towards a common goal. “Once the two lock eyes, it’s impossible to keep them away from […]

How Many Countries Have You Fucked In?

Most people can’t even name 140 countries much less have a dick in demand in even more of them. “Fucking all over the world and traveling all over the world,” horse-hung Rafael Alencar told mr. Pam on the set of “International Playboys” for NakedSword Originals. “That’s the two things I like the most. So I […]