Month: June 2016

Through Twinkie From The Train

Blake Mitchell, Evan Parker, and Logan Cross are three former wrestlers who put the moves on each other they were dying to try in high school like split-roasting after seeing if two cocks fit in one mouth. “#Helix: Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross & Even Parker” begins with the twink trifecta doing a Q&A with some […]

Who Is Gay Porn’s Baddest Boy?

From piggy bottom sluts to felonious habitual offenders to mouths you would love to shut for good, “Fuck You I’m Infamous” proved you don’t have to love bad boys to love watching them fuck. No regrets, no apologies, and no shame. What police records, jail time, bum deals, DUIs, domestic violence, Twitter meltdowns and even […]

Look Whose Str8 Ass Gets Creampiesd

So Casey More is having an what NextDoorRaw is calling an “existential crisis” after enjoying his girlfriend’s finger in his ass a little too much. Imagine her crisis seeing him blow his nut sucking the dick that just creampied his ass. Hit the five minute mark and the guys are naked with Casey is on […]