Month: March 2016

Ryan Rose Got A New Snowblower

The fact that Kevin Blake’s Falcon debut with Ryan Rose in “Tahoe Snowbound” is considered a bonus scene, it gives you an idea just how hot the latest incarnation of this franchise is. Kevin has a beautiful, thick dick of his own. It looked even more beautiful in Ryan Rose’s mouth. Ryan’s hand guides Kevin’s […]

Jack Hunter’s Big Back Seat

Jack Hunter continues to conquer the gay porn world one cock at a time. Today it’s Colby Jansen’s and they both make the most of it. The whole married man and back seat tropes actually add a palpable touch of sleaze that heightens the vibe between Jack and Colby. They get more dicking done in […]

Eli Is Addicted to Bareback Dick

The ski mask itself doesn’t make this any sketchier than any “Sketchy Sex” scene. But the final fuck where the freshly creampied “top” still has cum leaking out of his hole as he blows another load into the adjacent, already loaded bottom just might. While Mr. Ski Mask does have a beautiful pole, it’s not […]

Gangbanging With Johnny & Cumpany

It’s almost Pavlovian at Johnny Rapid walks in and everyone lines up to bang his ass. But speaking of asses, what’s up with Rafael Alencar’s? Even though that looks like a botched Photoshop job when someone tries to give themselves a “Kardashian” ass the easy way, rumors insist that it was a botched butt […]

Gag Reflex? What Gag Reflex?

“I swear every time I come out here; I get more and more gay. You guys just bring it out in me,” Robbie says to the Sean Cody cameraman. By the time they finished filming “Dean & Robbie: Bareback,” Dean was feeling the same way. From the very first shirtless glance, Robbie was licking his […]

Jack Hunter’s Post-Easter Egg Roll

Jack Hunter probably had the best Good Friday out of anyone. His Stations of the Kross include all eight inches of Sebastian’s. There’s a reason two of Sebastian Kross’ Grabby’s nominations were in the “Hottest Top” and “Hottest Bottom” categories. Reasons like this. And this is one of the reasons Jack will be nominated next […]

Bravo Delta Cums in for a Landing

Falcon Studios Group exclusive Bravo Delta inclusion in “Ass Fiends” for HotHouse isn’t honorary. Along with that big dick, he unleashes a fury on Josh Conners we’ve never seen before. Once Bravo’s unleashed that big dick, Josh started rubbing his hole. Bravo quickly made that unnecessary. Though hung to begin with, Bravo’s dick was extra […]