Month: November 2015

Brandon Bottoms Out

As we saw last week, they sure know how to hype at scene at Sean Cody. After five years topping in 25 scenes, big, sexy Brandon giving up his cherry on camera is a legitimate gay porn event. Guessing who could, or should, be the dick to do the honors turned into a dirty game […]

Happy Thanksgiving You Dirty Rascals

Guys, I am thankful for many things. This year, I am particularly grateful for the freedom we have to gather here not once a year, but every day, to look at hot men and critique how the fuck. Try that in Syria right now. Actually, don’t. No need … I brought the celebration right here. […]

Are They Gay Porn’s New Power Couple?

Aside from the tabloid-esque public squabbles and social media meltdowns that draw our attention, there are many porn stars in relationships we never hear about. That is usually because they have navigated to a place where sexuality is what they share on the screen, while keeping the intimacy confined to the one they love. But […]

Who’s Ready for Pumpkin Cream Pie?

It has been a very, very fluid situation at ChaosMen lately. While I think they will need a dozen sex-starved prisoners to extract more jizz than was expelled in the crazy Lorenzo, Vander, and Zale three way a few weeks ago, today, errr, cums close. Two guys and three loads. In corner number one, we […]