Month: April 2014

NakedSword’s Addict Finale Is Definitely The Weirdest/Hottest Thing You’ll See All Month

So far NakedSword’s Original Addict has covered addiction to Power, Lust, and Fame. For the finale, directrix extraordinaire Mr. Pam has given us a real doozy: Addicted to Cock. And what better way to illustrate this concept than by taking two models with gorgeous cocks and covering every other square inch of them in black Spandex. Throw in sex pig […]

Alpine Wood: More Falcon Fucking in the Snow

Since their very first full-length release (FVP001: The Other Side of Aspen) to their latest (FVP-241: Alpine Wood, pt. 1 ), Falcon has been obsessed with getting guys to fuck in snowy locales. In some way, you could say it defines the brand. Directed by daddy porn star turned porn daddy Bruno Bond, and starring Falcon’s […]

Zack Randall Joins the Self-Suck Club

I don’t know why all of a sudden everyone is releasing scenes where guys are sucking their own dicks, but it’s happening AND I’M SO NOT COMPLAINING. Did they release an auto-fellatio pill or something? Every time I see someone else capable of doing it I get more and more jealous. I mean, good for […]