Month: March 2014

Gabriel Shams: The GayPornBlog Interview

When Gabriel Shams first appeared on Randy Blue a few years ago, I was immediately enamored, expecting him to be America’s next big porn star. He did a handful of scenes for them and then … nothing. It turns out he was living abroad, getting a master’s degree, and working the hell out of his […]

Watch Travis Mathews’ Explicit New Doc — FREE

In honor of the one year anniversary of Travis Mathews’ I Want Your Love (and its subsequent banning), NakedSword is releasing a second feature with the Interior. Leather Barring, James Francoing, Sundancing director. And for a limited time, you can watch it free. Just don’t call it porn. In Their Room: Berlin Official Trailer: In […]

Maverick Men Nab Themselves A Bisexual Dude

Apparently the Maverick Men have been getting hit up by a lot of “bisexual/gay-curious” guys lately who are “in need of training”. Yeah, that old chestnut: performers marketing themselves as bisexual, gay for pay, etc; it’s like the oldest trick in the book. But in the case with Anthony, their latest sexual conquest, he was […]