Month: February 2014

Why We Need To Save Gay Vintage Porn

We just got back the high def (4K) restoration of the Other Side of Aspen, and it’s jaw dropping. For anyone who thinks saving vintage porn isn’t worth saving, it’s because anyone who came of age with VHS or after HASN’T. ACTUALLY. SEEN. VINTAGE. PORN. This is the way I’ve always felt about Falcon’s original […]

Bel Ami Turns Down The Lights

Bel Ami normally lights its sets like they’re shooting a 40-year-old whore (me) — all blown out to minimize even the thought of a wrinkle — rather than the freshly harvested foals they wean out back. And those boys are so light already, with all that light they can just disappear into the bedding, leaving just […]

Here is That Prolapsed Rectum PSA Music Video You’ve Been Waiting For

Okay, admittedly you weren’t exactly waiting for a public service announcement with a dance beat highlighting the dangers of the prolapsed rectum. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need it, whores. Cheryl Merkowski’s “insanely” “catchy” Walls Fall Out, with its requisite visual and auditory dangers, after the jump.      Need an explanation? You don’t get one. Via […]

Damien Crosse Gets All Vers With The Handyman

I don’t think there’s anything gay porn star Damien Crosse can do without giving me a boner. Masterful cocksucking skills aside, he’s also great topping and bottoming. I could probably watch him read the phonebook and get sexually excited. Luckily,  there’s no Yellow Pages in “The Handyman”, the newest scene on StagHomme; Instead we get to see Damien gag on […]