Month: August 2013


After reading Jack’s piece on the classic Falcon box covers, I went hunting for the box cover that set it off for me — Lukas’ Story 2. Oddly, it’s hard to find — it’s not available from Bel Ami either as a DVD or streaming (not even as the Lukas’ Stories compilation). But while they may have […]

In Defense Of The Gay Porn Box Cover

Falcon Studios founder Chuck Holmes once notoriously declared that he wasn’t in the porn business, he was in the box cover business. Before the internet, the idealized-versions of the god-like stars on the covers of oversized VHS tape boxes would call out off the shelves of adult video stores, beckoning the consumer to take them […]

When Was He Hotter: Simon Rex

The 39 year-old Simon Rex, (above, left) appearing by a pool a Speedo in a commercial for Benefit mascara … or the younger version of Simon (above, right) sans Speedo? Watch the full (weird) mascara commercial after the jump, plus more pics of Simon jerking off … just ‘cuz …   More Naked Simon Rex:Simon […]

“Gay Porn Is Better Than Sex Ed”

In response to a British proposal to block porn sites, youth advocate Simon Blake argues that porn may be the best sex ed gays have. About a month ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that internet subscribers would need to “opt-in” if they wanted to be able to access porn sites. (That is, you’d […]


“Underwear model” Benjamin Godfre talks about men’s panties. He may or may not have a hard on. You might remember otherwise respectable Underwear Model and Polaroid Artist Benjamin Godfre as Porn Star Benjamin Godfre (h/t Towleroad) Related:Oh My Godfre: It’s Shawn WolfeWhen Fashion Models Do Gay Porn

The 12 Hottest Pics of Dominic Pacifico’s Massive Balls


Tate Ryder taking a tug at DP’s balls

Dominic Pacifico's Balls

Balls are one of the most underrated parts of the male anatomy. Usually, it’s the low-hangers that get all the attention (Sean Cody’s FranklinBarrett Long’s legendarily pendulous sack), but I think versatile, prolific pornstar and DJ Dominic Pacifico has one of the most remarkable set of testicles in gay porn: While they aren’t necessarily low-hangers: they’re solid, filled with jizz and substantial: the kind you want to feel punching against your taint while he’s fucking you. Here are 12 of my favorite pictures of Dominic’s remarkable nutsack from his excellent membership site.


Dominic Pacifico's Balls

Dominic getting worked over by Adam Russo

Tate Ryder and Dominic Pacificoc


ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. But don’t get worried. Liam Magnuson’s not dead. He’s just bottoming.’s Top to Bottom series has announced last night that it had claimed another victim. See who did the honors, after the jump … CLICK TO ENLARGEN! Yes, it’s Japanese Love Pillow Connor Maguire.  The series — one of […]