Month: May 2012

Name The Position: Shane Frost & Trey Turner on Dominic Ford

This position needs a name: Just like when an astronomer discovers a new star and gets to name it, this could be your chance to live on forever: Submit your idea after the jump in the comments (where you can check out another shot of this mind-blowing (triple zing!) new twist on oral sex …

Shane Frost and Trey Turner are two great tastes that go great together.

While getting ready for their newest scene, super-flexible Trey started showing off. Super-pervert Dominic Ford made Trey put his money where his mouth is (zing!), and in doing so, they came up with this crazy new position, never before seen in the annals (double zing!) of gay porn.

Pretty Penis Alert! Parker Perry & Bryce Star

Bryce Star paying for sex? Sure, why not. The plot of episode two of Hooker Stories from NakedSword Originals has something to do with Bryce doing a few bumps of an unidentified white powder and hiring Parker Perry to pound him. My undying love for Parker Perry (or, “Ol’ Furbutt”, as I like to call […]

Memorial Day Gay Porn Sales

If, as the saying goes, ‘once is a fluke, twice is a trend and three times is a habit,’ then you might need to get ready for porn rehab after Memorial day is over. With this many gay porn sites on sale, it might be hard to choose, but with some ending tonight and the […]


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And by join ’em, he means involve them in a free gay gang bang with well-hung double-penetrating Latinos. INVITATION ACCEPTED.                   Bjorn always gives me flashbacks to my formative porn years, but it’s not limited to classics like Paradise Plantation […]


In the style of educational science magazines found in doctor’s office waiting rooms, GayPornBlog presents a new game where we present a blown-up detail of a photograph and you’ll try to identify it. The two photographs below are of an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind natural landmark: This mysterious crevice marks the spot that many explores have embarked from, […]

Gay Porn Before and After: Benjamin Bloom

When boyish Benjamin Bloom made his Bel Ami debut in 2004, people were still bragging about their DVD library and freaking out about nip slips, and Ashlee Simpson still had her original nose. She’s not the only former bottle blond who’s changed. Bloom, now a man, returned to Bel Ami to shoot a scene with […]