Month: January 2012

Guess the Dirty Hippie Gay Porn Star!

We pulled this from a (former) gay porn star’s DudesNude profile. Will post answer tonight. In the meantime, can you guess the well-sung star beneath the extra-terrestrial hippie make-up? Clue: It’s NOT Adam Killian. It’s ten-inch opera star Jake Havoc! As T-Bird correctly points out, he’s not exactly retired from the sex industry. But he […]

Oh, hey there Mick Roberts

My love/hate thing with the masturbating twinks of YouLoveJack continues as I find myself second-guessing my tastes as I clean up after jerking off to this Mick Roberts for the third fourth time today. Minuses: harbinger of a widows ‘s peak, hastily shaved hole. Pluses: mushroom head, big uncut cock, lots of pre-cum, licks up his […]