Month: May 2011

2011 Grabby Awards Photodump: Day 1

Grabby Awards 2011 rocked Chicago harder than the hangover migraine currently thumping in my head. Here’s the pics I managed to take on Friday night before I blacked out: We were at kick-off party and marathon Tim & Roma Show filming at Charlie’s in Boystown. Bunch of images after the jump …

Gay Porn Stars: Spencer Whitman

I saw this pic of Spencer Whitman when he popped up as vealboi on DudesNude, pale as a milk calf and covered in downy hair, and went wild for him. He’d sort of dropped off my radar after his Corbin Fisher days, and frankly his hair at the time (spiked, gelled) was a bit much […]

Bryce Evans: He’s a Bottom. Maybe!

Dominc Ford unveiled his uber-hunky new exclusive Bryce Evans a little over a months ago, his debut scene posed more questions than it answered: Is he a top or a bottom? Is he gay or straight or something in-between? While his sexuality remains unclear, this first fuck scene (with Gavin Waters) answers one important question: […]