Month: October 2008

Rape: Gay Porn’s Newest Fetish?

There was a time when rape was pretty much an abstract concept to gay men. Now suddenly — and strangely — it’s all over the place, especially our porn. Let’s recount the strange and unfortunate confluence of fact and fiction of the past couple of months, shall we? In August, Mason Wyler posted a vivid […]

Poles Versus Polls

In other weeks, turning on the computer meant checking Corbin Fisher or NakedSword or Manhunt for updates. But this week, it’s hard to think about anything else but the election or the economy, and thinking about cum dumpsters has given way to credit default swaps. It’s starting to pervert my brain. You know how in […]

Hibernating with Furry Gay Beavers

When Jack was waxing eloquent about male split beavers like a weird ass freak in June, I really wasn’t feeling it. Recently, it’s all I can think about. Maybe it’s the weather. See, when Jack got all pervy, he seemed really focused on bald beavers which, while allowing you to evaluate the hole for symmetry […]

Gay Porn Sets: Blue Movie

My favorite thing about 70s porn was the weird perversity of the sexual situations. Porn actor dialogue now tends either to be loud and proud or almost camp in its representation of the closet. Porn in the 70s rarely made any sense — and often, you’d get quasi-uncomfortable scenes with brothers or a power differential […]

Fresh Meat: Titan’s Marco Blaze

And so my reign of terror comes to an end with someone who is actually 100% drool-worthy: Newest TitanMen Exclusive Marco Blaze. Marco is 26, from Argentina, has done a couple of movies for some European studios and a few scenes for MenAtPlay, and has a Eric Hanson thing going for him. According to Titan, […]

Gay Porn Marine Clip of the Day

A clip of questionable taste and quality featuring two Marines jerking off on a nasty mattress (using baby oil, natch) courtesy Bobby Garcia’s This text will be replaced MORE: Bobby Garcia’s AWOL Marines: Amateur Gay Porn At Its Best (or Worst)