Month: August 2008

Gay Porn Newcomer: RandyBlue’s Kenya

There’s nothing amateur about the ink on Randy Blue’s latest flame, Kenya. The tattoo artist knows what he likes and where he wants it. He’s got a shark and jellyfish on one sleeve, and a craggy, Gorey-esque tree on his other, I’m as scared as I am attracted. I’m not normally a guy for solos, […]

Blake Riley: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

I don’t think people who leave caustic, anonymous comments on blogs necessarily need to be acknowledged, let alone responded to. But something strange happened in the comment thread for some pictures I posted on Chi Chi’s upcoming bi flick Shifting Gears. A lot of people expressed their excitement for the movie, but there was an […]

Is Ty Colt The Next Big Thing?

Despite the teams of Falcon haters out there, I think they might be on to something with their newest exclusive, Ty Colt. This 20-year-old Midwesterner puts the corn in “corn-fed”, and apparently has a perma-hard cock. His debut scene is on FalconStr8men later this month. And those lips! We had dinner with him last night […]

To Manhunt or Not to Manhunt?

Amidst the unfolding controversy surrounding Manhunt founder Johnathan Crutchley stepping down from the company’s (perhaps non-existant) board in light of revelations that he contributed to John McCain’s campaign, Express Gay News editor Dan Renzi is wondering what, if any, effect this will have on the sites 400,000 subscribers. If you are (or were) a subscriber […]