Month: May 2008

Damien Crosse is Newly Single and Loving It

While he’s not disclosing exact numbers, newly single Damien Crosse made his way through the fleshy throngs of the Grabby’s with furious abandon. Few people (save, maybe Steve Cruz) appeared in more pictures, or with more body parts in their mouth. From The Sword comes this clip from the front of the Park West Theater […]

GRUNTS Takes Top Honors at the 2008 Grabbys

Raging Stallion’s GRUNTS took home the awards for Best Video and a bunch more at the 2008 Grabby Awards, while Falcons Exclusive Erik Rhodes and Ridgeline’s Jason Ridge tied for Best Actor. Below are a few quick picks, but I’ve got a few more hours in Chicago, but if you thought I was going to […]

Leather and Lays: IML 2008

If you’ve never stumbled down to Starbucks hungover and found yourself in line with someone wearing ass-less chaps and a rubber dog mask, well my friend, you haven’t lived. If you haven’t been in a Hyatt elevator and watched someone carry on a styrofoam cup of steaming piss, however, consider yourself lucky. While the gay […]

GayPornBlog Exclusive: Folsom Prison Trailer

Folsom Prison, TitanMen’s latest “Folsom” movie (the 5th in the series), will be released in on regular DVD and Blu-rayâ„¢ High Def at IML in Chicago on May 22nd. We have the hardcore trailer for y’all after the jump … before you click continue, does anyone care to hazard a guess how they’re going to […]

Gay Sex Producer Falcon Goes Straight

Falcon unveiled the latest foray into an increasingly competitive porn market this week, with Falcon Str8Men, a site dedicated to hot men and the money that gets them to jack off before the camera. While sites like Randy Blue, Dirty Boy Video and Sean Cody blur the line between straight and gay, Falcon’s embraced the […]

Boxcover Art: Fuck Me Gently With A … Chainsaw?

Titan‘s never been a studio to borrow heavily from Hollywood, and rarely will you find anything as garish as American Booty or Da Vinci Load lurking under its bed (one notable recent exception, Telescope, was loosely inspired by Body Double … but more in theme than plot). When the boxcover for Titan’s Chainsaw came across […]