Month: April 2008

Male Split Beavers: Gay Porn’s Final Frontier?

Esteemed porn scholar Jeffrey Escoffier was recently explaining the evolution of nudity in film. In the mid-1950s, directors like Russ Meyer pioneered nudity in films known as Nudie-Cuties, campy comedies that featured lots of boobs. These gave way to “Beavers” — movies that showed female crotch — and these led to the “Split Beaver” movies, […]

Remembering Jean-Daniel Cadinot

To me one of the saddest things about Jean-Daniel Cadinot’s death is not so much his relatively young age (64) but the fact that his work has become somewhat unknown to gay audiences in the US for reasons I’m having a hard time understanding. He was a true legend and at the forefront of the […]

Friday YouTube Miscellany

1. The Francois Sagat we know and love is back on YouTube with more avant-garde-ity, this time humping an oversized leather ottoman while speaking in tongues. YES! 2. Totally excellent new bondage-themed video by power-pop trio Ex-Boyfriends, filmed, appropriately enough, in the armory basement: 3. Jeff Stryker sure likes to play fight (more about […]

Damien Crosse’s Hot Times in Little Havana

People always ask me why porn stars make porn. My rotating stock of answers is include because they can, because it’s easy money, because they love the camera, and because they’re exhibitionists. (Mostly people expect (or want) a Lifetime TV movie answer, like “because they are sad and desperate for money, and were molested as […]

Before they were Stars: Tony Capucci

One of the most promising Falcon Exclusives to come along in a while, swarthily guido-riffic Tony Capucci it totally my dream lover and a manifestation of all my unrealized Growing Up Gotti fantasies. He’s been around the (amateur porn) block, having having left pomade stains on the sets of RandyBlue, Cocky Boys, Mike Hancock and […]

Gay Video Set: Hot House’s Verboten

We went on the set of Hot House’s Verboten a few months back and, in addition to finding large collection of red gay butt toys, we also saw our favorite bionic gay porn star, Rafael Alencar. He and Alex Collack were about to double-penetrate Canada’s own Alexy Tyler. In typical Hot House fashion, young Alexy […]