Month: January 2008

Gay Porn Before & After: Gage Wilson

Furry-chested Gage’s shocking and utterly unpredictable discent from straight boy into Danny’s growlingly eager butt-boy on Sean Cody last year sent tongues wagging for good reason (he’s an undeniable hottie): But when he showed up on RandyBlue a few weeks ago, I could barely believe my eyes … Are you sitting down?He has a slight […]

Where’s Waldo: Sister ROMA! Edition

I saw the caption above on the image below on Sister ROMA’s MySpace page and couldn’t help but to boost it (love ya’ sis!) … and add my own photo (from last month in Vegas with Ouchy & his Porn Clown Posse) to illustrate how our favorite grease-painted nun “blends” in so much better in […]

Hot House Goes Stark Naked with Ross Hurston

Ross Hurston may not be the boss of me yet, but I certainly wouldn’t mind him overseeing my work. The British banger was imported by Hot House and announced as their newest exclusive, along with Johnny Gunn, late last night. Hurston’s first movie for Hot House, Stark Naked, filmed this week in San Francisco with […]

Amateur Gay Porn: Behind the Scenes

Last month, I accompanied the cast and crew of the Tim & Roma show — fictional reporter’s notebook in hand — as they traveled to a remote Norcal location to film an episode from a shoot for amateur porn studio Next Door Male. A week out of each month, the Next Door Male producers get […]

Gay Porn Quiz Vol. 4

Q. Which gay porn A-lister-turned amateur mogul is giving GayPornBlog co-editor Mike a hummer in the Jacuzzi tub of the Real World Suite at the Palms? A. Jeremy Hall. Be sure to check out Jeremy’s excellent new amateur site, Club Jeremy Hall, where he just recently posted a clip of him bottoming for the first […]

Gay Porn Quiz: AEE Edition, Vol. 3

Q: Which multiple-studio exclusive turned studio head with a Blade Runner-inspired name (left) is rubbing his fuzzy butt cheeks with a rising-star blond bad-ass (right)? A: Jake Deckard (left) and Scott Tanner (right) Gay Porn Quiz: AEE Edition, Vol. 2 Gay Porn Quiz: AEE Edition, Vol. 1