Month: December 2007

Reichen Lehmkuhl Sports Major “Wood”

Being so fully immersed in gay porn, I have few guilty pleasures — that is, things I feel guilty about taking pleasure in. One is Reichen Lehmkuhl. Little more than a pretty face with a good body idiotically milking his 15 minutes of Reality TV-fame (a titanium jewelry line based on his “love of flight”? […]

Happy Gay Porn Awards Season!

You’re gay and you run an adult website, so why on god’s green earth would you not concoct an “Awards Ceremony” as a thinly veiled attempt to draw traffic to your site to recognize the excellence and hard work of your peers? Yep, Gay Porn Award Season is upon us and new ones are popping […]

Amateur Gay Porn: Sean Cody’s Carleton

There’s nothing that stokes a hunger for amateur porn like holiday air travel. Military uniforms and state college t-shirts dressing up corn-fed muscle, furtive glances over the massagers at Brookstone, and well-fermented conversation in the Fox News bar. It’s no wonder Larry Craig broke his wedding vows in an airport. Carlton, one of Sean Cody‘s […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: “Breakers”, Titan

News that legendary director Bruce Cam was retiring from directing porn, set my expectations for Breakers — his last movie — almost unrealistically high. As the founder of Titan over 12 years ago, his tremendous impact on gay porn over the last decade can’t be denied. Through his movies and by overseeing all their productions, […]

Perez Hilton’s Gay Porn Witch Hunt

Perez, Perez, Perez … it’s clear you’re not going anywhere despite becoming one of the bloated celebrities you have built a career on lambasting. But in your reckless quest to dig up the “salacious”, you seem to have morphed into a Matt Drudge-style right-wing homophobe. Case in point: Your squeamish declaration yesterday (in an entry […]

Gay Porn Stars: An Eight Ball of Prevention

Porn holiday parties can be debaucherous affairs, so when porn stars start telling us to get it together, we take it to heart. On this week’s episode of the Tim and Roma Show, reformed party boys Derrick Hanson and Steve Cruz talk about their party pasts and why their now working for harm-reduction site […]

Man’s Hand’s Hard Candy Christmas

John Waters may have gone mainstream, but porn holds steady as a source of bad acting, inappropriate behaviors and over-the-top fetish indulgence. In this clip from Man’s Hand Films, a pajama-clad man-child neglects to put out cookies and milk for Santa (who we swear could played by Waters luminary David Lochary) and suffers the inevitable […]

Amateur Site Review: GetYourFixxx

2007 may go down as the year everyone got a video camera and tried to make their own amateur site — a testament to this being my inbox overflowing with breathless webmaster emails touting their brand new amateur sites as the! best! ever! On a whim I clicked on newcomer — and was impressed […]

Gay Porn Pinga: Pitbull’s Viper

I’m a sucker for a handsome face and it’s rare that I’ll sacrifice my principals merely for a fat cock (steam rooms and dark alleys aside), but fuck if my jaw didn’t drop when I saw Viper’s 11-incher in Pitbull’s new Lord of Da Pinga. In real life, his hair and goatee would drive me […]