Month: November 2007

Gay Porn Before & After: Danny Vox

Once upon a time Danny Vox was a promising young starlet whose striking, catalog-model good looks paired with his penchant for being a double-penetrable pass-around party bottom made him quite the irresistible porno paradox. “Jewelry making” (or maybe it was the LTR with an a-list Hollywood director) put him in early retirement but (as I […]

Gay Porn Stars: Where Isn’t Steve Cruz?

If contest-based reality television has taught us anything, it’s that stars aren’t born, they’re made. Sure, all the right parts need to be there (in popular parlance, you need two of three things: face, cock or body), but if you’re gonna be the gay porn Jenna Jameson, you’ve got to work it like her, which […]

Quick Look: “Cock Tease” from Jet Set

“Cock Tease”, directed by Chris Steele for Jet Set, covers familiar territory plot-wise (seducing “straight” men, but its the cast that makes it seem like it’ll be a real stand-out: Jet Set Exclusive Sebastian Young looking dirty in a good way, Cam Kurtz looking delicious, newcomer Eric Blane looking like a cocky bastard, Derrick Vinyard […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: “Little Big League 3”, C1R

To be honest, my expectations weren’t high for Doug Jeffries’ 2004 Little Big League, (for me, little league flashbacks aren’t exactly sexual), but I was pleasantly surprised by it and subsequently blown away by 2nd Inning: Little Big League II, thanks to a genuinely hilarious script by Eddie Stone. While less guffaw-inducing than “2nd Inning”, […]

Gay Porn Awards: Us, please!

We’re not awards whores, we swear — and honestly, in the upcoming Cybersocket Awards, we want you to vote your conscience, not cause we begged you. But the truth is, we’re up for Best Gay Blog again and we need your help. There are lots of sites our favorite sites up there, too, of course […]

Amateur Gay Porn: Round Up #3

With so damn many amateur sites cropping up each day who has time to sift through all of them for the good stuff? Not me. Luckily Natta from QueerMeNow does – and here are his top pics of the last few weeks. 1. Danny gets fucked on The episode that fans of SeanCody were […]

Gay Porn Controversy: Dark Alley’s Passio

Given that celebrities have become so infantilized that they’ve stopped saying vagina in favor of pussyfooted vowel combos, you’d think that gay porn itself might be enough to sufficiently shock the media elite. But no, the media won’t cover us unless we’re jumping out of cakes at Gay Porn Days or dining on dildos in […]