Month: October 2007

Happy Halloween from Randy Blue

Scary day around here with stories vanishing into thin air! Well, at least here’s one that isn’t going anywhere soon (we hope): Randy Blue’s vampire-themed scene that’s hot enough to give non-Joss Whedon fans wood for sure: Click continue for some images from this shoot … Click here for more images and clips.

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: Road Trip Vol. 1

The mere fact that of all the top gay porn studios Falcon would start producing amateur-type content is as good as proof as any that the gay porn landscape is changing very quickly. Technically Road Trip Vol. 1: Russian River isn’t from Falcon (rather, their Jocks line), technically it’s not amateur (they’re touting it as […]

GayPornTube: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Did you know that viral videos are all the rage?! Here are five self-made clips just begging you to forward to all your friends. Except for one thing: They might not actually be that interesting. That’s for you to decide, gentle reader!1. Ron Jeremy responds to Francois Sagat: Or maybe he’s just a closeted, cross-dressing […]

Paris When It Shizzles: Tiger Tyson’s Gay Porn Tour

At a time when most gay porn companies shooting overseas are hitting places where the dollar is relatively strong (i.e., countries politely termed “emerging markets”), Pitbull Productions star and director Tiger Tyson is bucking the trend and shooting in Paris. In Tiger’s Eiffel Tower: Paris is Mine, the Puerto Rican superstar tells us he’s the […]