Month: September 2007

Sex Sells: Gay Porn Stars Push NakedSword’s Loaded

In the decade since Danni Ashe launched Danni’s Hard Drive and started a porn-Internet revolution, porn companies have had to get increasingly sophisticated about getting viewer’s eyeballs (and actual balls) to their sites. First there were banner ads and hosted galleries, then later, there were free clip galleries, stealth peer-to-peer clips, link farms and endless […]

Folsom Poster Flak Makes Fox News

God, sometimes the Religious Right are so predictable. I guessed yesterday’s gay porn Folsom Street Poster brouhaha would end up on O’Reilly Factor, but It was on Hannity & Colmes instead. The highlight was when they had this a male spokesman from Concerned Women (snicker!) For America on saying that Folsom Street Fair is “nothing […]

GayPornTube: 2 Scary Things

We’ve all woken up the morning after with someone terrifying lying in bed next to us — it happens; it’s forgivable. But megahottie Jason Ridge knew full well what he was getting into when he was invited on Howard Stern — to seduce sidekick Joey Boots. But Boots needed little seduction, and who can blame […]

Gay Porn Bareback: Aaron Tyler Cums Clean

While Danny Roddick’s death shows that studios can’t monitor their stars off-screen behavior, we can at least make sure they do a better job of keeping them safe on-screen. As former bareback twink porn star Aaron Tyler recently claimed, the barebacking studios weren’t as concerned. Like former barebacking sensation Brent Corrigan, Tyler is professing a […]

Danny Roddick Passes Away

We are shocked and utterly devastated to report that Danny Roddick died Thursday, according to a press release issued by COLT, the studio he was an exclusive with. The cause of death has not been released. An extremely talented star who was on the verge of becoming a superstar, Danny debuted in Buckshot’s HARD Studies […]