Month: August 2007

Gay Porn Mystery Man REVEALED!

The little green mask has been peeled away and AMG Brasil’s mystery porn star has been revealed. It is, in fact, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick, as several commenters on our original entry had guessed. On being gang banged by a bunch of mega-hung Brazilians, Roddick said: “At first I asked if I could pick which […]

Top 7 Careers for Gay Porn Stars

Conventional wisdom dictates that doing porn will ruin your chances of ever being able to do anything besides escorting or becoming a house boy for some rich fag in the Hollywood Hills, but I beg to differ! I’ve rounded up seven lucrative post-porn careers. 7. DJ Chi Chi’s been doing it for years, but what […]

Gay Porn Box Covers: Do’s and Don’ts

Peek-a-boo! Sometimes I wish I were as clever as Patrik, the intrepid blogger at NakedSword’s Tim and Roma Blog who, over the past few weeks, has assembled respective lists of the best and worst in porn box covers. Forced to sift through mountains of titles like Cracka Cum Bucket, Waikiki Twinks and Come Crazy, the […]

Gay Porn Stars: COLT Exclusive Mickey Gunz

In a gay porn world that’s increasingly split between Abercrombie twinks and pig-fucking punks, the COLT Man continues to spring eternal. With another whole generation heading back to school this month, I can only imagine that many of them are looking for a man like Mickey Gunz, COLT’s newest exclusive. Equal parts quarterback and coach, […]

Gay Porn Fire Sale

Everyone seems to be focusing on the devastating fire that ripped through legendary “flamming” gay bar Micky’s on Tuesday. Many are wondering where/if Cocktails With The Stars will resume (official word: “it is currently on hold”). But that’s not even the only gay porn real estate news this week … 1028 Stratem Court, the Virginia […]

Gay Porn Set: Raging Stallion’s GRUNTS

The visits from homeland security aside, the Raging Stallion GRUNTS shoot a few weeks ago proved that “don’t ask, don’t tell” hasn’t stopped thousands of guys from getting in on some action mano-a-mano. There were close to a dozen men on set with some relation to the military — from Brodie Sinclair (also known as […]

Contest: Guess the Gay Porn Star

First identical twin brothers who fuck and now this … what will the marketing geniuses over at AMG Brazil think of next? Amazônia, their two-part summer blockbuster, is the touching story of a tourist, played by a “famous American porn star”, who gets lost in the jungles of the Amazon only to find himself on […]

Gay Porn Casting Call: Hardcore Zeb Atlas AtLast

Despite how unabashedly scripted most “Reality TV” shows have become, no gay porn producer has even tried, in earnest, to emulate the trend. Jet Set’s American Porn Star and All Worlds’ Fucking With The Stars, while billed as such, were in reality were anything but. No doubt inspired by the runaway success of Mark Meets […]