Month: July 2007

Gay Porn Stars As The Face of Fashion

Gay porn stars are the frequent “Special Guest Stars” in the whimsical dreams of faggy fashion designers. As far back as the early 80s, as documented in his Diaries, Andy Warhol excitedly recounts a weekend at Calvin Klein’s house in Fire Island where Calvin and Halston were having their way with two blond porn stars […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: Titan Media’s FEAR

I’m happy to report that the perverse Titan Media juggernaut that began with Cirque Noir two years ago and followed with Folsom Filth last fall continues to shock and awe. Fear, the latest installment of sexual panic just finished shooting at Titan’s grindhouse, a sprawling south-of-San Francisco ranch with enough room to construct elaborate sets […]

Gay Porn On Conan O’Brien?

It’s one thing that “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” was the top-grossing movie in the US this past weekend — you could argue that the movie is using humor to take bring very real gay issues to the forefront. But when Conan O’Brien “accidentally” plays a CyberBears clip (without attribution or permission) instead […]

Gay Porn’s Post Pride Round Up

With the conclusion today of San Diego Pride, the gays have pretty much wrapped up another exhaustive tour of duty. Between early June (Boston Pride) and late July, we manage to squeeze in about 150 events across the country, ranging from the teensy (the Erie, PA Pride Picnic) to the gargantuan flesh-fests in San Francisco […]

Introducing Devin Moss

Having pics of a newcomer like Devin Moss waiting for me in my inbox takes the sting of returning to work after a two-week vacation. The 18-year-old Kentucky native signed on as an exclusive for Citiboyz (his “just-turned-18” look make him a perfect match for the twinktastic studio.) While we must wait until Sept. 25 […]

Gay Porn Hits the D-List with Kathy Griffin

Gay porn: It’s not just for your DVD player any more! Leave it to Bravo, the world’s first gay network to bring the fruits of hardcore anal sex to middle America. Kathy Griffin, the somewhat haggard and oft-beleagured champion of all things homosexual- and Nielsen-related helped our oft-maligned porn industry out of the corset and […]

Kent North’s Sad Demise

Deaths, accidental or otherwise, are quite sad, and Kent North’s apparent suicide last Wednesday is no exception. A week of sensationalist detective work online followed, with exigetical readings of the official Hot House press release and various blogs detailing suspected methods and porn-stars-are-sure-unhappy handwringing from the peanut gallery. Whether it was an accidental or purposeful […]

Amateur Gay Porn Round Up

As part of an ongoing series, we’re asking other porn bloggers to shed some light into some of the crevices of gay porn that we may overlook. For the first installment, we’ve asked Natta, the eagle-eyed editor of the impressively thorough QueerMeNow to give us his top five favorite recent amateur scenes … and I […]