Month: June 2007

Tommy Saxx: The Gay Porn Mugshot

Oh, brother … another week, another gay porn mug shot. Dandy David Wiles, 29, a Grapevine, Texas hospital tech, was arrested for going on a shopping spree with credit cards he stole from a man who died in the emergency room. Because the victim was police officer (and because he was caught on tape buying […]

Mark Dalton Back In Jail

Is it me or has this blog become the Gay Porn Crime Blotter? Jason Curious is reporting that gay (ish) Porn Star (ish) Mark Dalton has found himself back in the slammer yet again. He was arrested on May 31 for a misdemeanor altercation charge and was released the next day on $7,500 bail. However, […]

Jake Havoc: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

I’ve never exactly been secretive about my intense crush on Studio 2000 exclusive Jake Havoc. Something about the combo of his innocent boy-next-door looks coupled with his massively thick cock (and I’ve always been an unabashed girth man) have had me crazy for him since the get-go. But a sparkling wit to boot? After reading […]


Lately, I’ve been bemoaning Sean Cody’s somewhat inconsistent output. In fact, ever since Patrick retired, nobody really made my dick move (with the exception of when Bailey fucked his bud). I almost even let my membership expire. Almost! Two recent perfect specimens of trade renew my faith in humanity: 1. Danny: 2. Woody: Click “Continue […]

Gay Porn Star: Dean Flynn

Why are porn studios so opposed to handsome? I like a big dick as much as the next guy, but not enough (well, most times) to wake up next to some butterface just to get a nut. Dean Flynn, a Titan Men Exclusive and one of the biggest hits at IML a few weeks back, […]

Porn Star Retirement: The Land of Ho Return

Call them pre-comebacks. Fresh from his win as Grabby’s Performer of the Year, Trevor Knight, the 11-inched jackhammer top from Big Dick Club and a number of other highly erotic artistic masterpieces, has evidently decided to retire, according to snoops at Woody’s Reviews. He made the announcement, of course, by posting his decision on his […]

More Gay Porn on Fox News

Say what you will about Fox News. They may get dogged by the liberal media for being a conservative mouthpiece, but facts are facts: no other news organization is as gay porn friendly. In February, Bill O’Lielly did gave COLT Studio some well-deserved press, then in March they heralded porn stud Rod Majors as an […]

Gay Porn(ish) Before & After: Thierry Mugler

Theirry Mugler (seen left with Jerry Hall) was once an adorable, unabashedly faggy fashion designer perhaps best known for directing and outfitting George Michael’s “Too Funky” video (which included his now-famous motorcycle dress), and his sickly sweet perfume, “Angel”. Page Six reported last week that Theirry has become bigorexic since closing down his couture house, […]