Month: May 2007

Celebrity Mugshots: The Gay Porn Edition

These might not quite make The Smoking Gun‘s legendary mug shot archive, but that doesn’t mean you don’t find the following gay porn mugs any bit less interesting. Now, I hate to be, like, rude but some of these disprove that famous John Waters quote about everyone looking better under arrest that our friends at […]

Gay Porn Awards: Grabbys 2007

How can you resist a porn award show cheeky enough to refer to itself as the Grabbys? Unlike it’s more formal February predecessor, the Grabbys are more pump than pomp, a weekend long party for studios, stars and assorted hanger-on perverts. Gay Chicago Magazine puts on the ritz, but the usual suspects — Will Clark, […]

Gay Porn Set: The Intern

Does any intern not get pissed on by the boss? The new guy over at Lucas Entertainment sure can’t dispute it. We had some technical difficulties last week, so while you all were trying to post comments, we were watching the exploits of Mike Kashey, the on-the-set blogger for Lucas Entertainment’s new sex comedy, The […]

Gay Porn Trailer: Roman Ragazzi Goes Bottoms Up

While Brent Corrigan is probably too preoccupied to worry too much about business, this spring’s other gay porn scandal, the firing of Roman Ragazzi from the Israeli Embassy, comes with hardcore video attached — and what a fucking bang it is. I’ll admit that I’m partial to Mason Wyler, but his on-the-boat threesome for suitcased […]

Update On Harlow Cuadra Arrest

As the details surrounding the investigation of Bryan Kocis’ murder emerge, things aren’t looking too good for Harlow Cuadra and his Boy Batter partner Joseph Kerekes. Virginian-Pilot has released details from a 54-page affidavit that spells out the evidence leading up to their arrest as well as the charges against them (in addition to criminal […]

Harlow Cuadra Arrested For Murder

Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, 33, were just arrested on charges of criminal homicide for the Jan. 24 death of Bryan Charles Kocis, the former owner of Cobra Video the AP is reporting. Harlow was named as a “person of interest” in the case when authorities recovered an email from Kocis’ computer from someone using […]

Gay Porn Stars: Rafael Alencar Does Time Square

There aren’t many cocks like the viaduct that swings between Rafael Alencar‘s legs. When most stars claim ten inches, I’m skeptical; when Rafael does, I think he’s being modest. And Christ — that ass! It’s the eight wonder of the modern world. Last year the Latin lothario and a well-heeled partner started Black Scorpion Video […]

GAY PORN NEWS: Roman Ragazzi Scandal Unfolds

It’s obviously naive to think if you do porn there won’t be certain consequences; if you’re, say, an elementary school teacher or (in the case of Roman Ragazzi, in politics), you are going to lose your job if and when people find out you fuck men on camera for money. What I found bizarre about […]