Month: April 2007

Off the Set with … Michael Lucas

After the record wins for Michael Lucas’s La Dolce Vita at the 2007 GayVNs, the talented Mr. Lucas, always a very public figure, became nearly ubiquitous. His incendiary columns for the New York Blade are as well received as his blog and his nearly endless stream of releases (not counting the piss and cum) make […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: Link V: The Evolution

Since I last checked, the production has wrapped on Chi Chi LaRue’s filth-tastic opus Link V: The Evolution. After the jump, witness the perversity for yourself by watching the official full-length trailer and a some free pics from the flick, featuring a mummified Josh Weston and Steve Carlisle, and sweet little Cole Ryan getting a […]

Seeing Stars: Off the Set With Dark Alley

Does anything cause as much hand-wringing and cock-ringing as fetish? To the fetishist (whether of piss, leather, lace or reading glasses), nothing is so normal as his own desire. To the outside observer, however, the fetishist is a damned freak — WHO THE HELL WOULD OBSESS ABOUT SNIFFING JOCKSTRAPS? We like it when the perverts […]

Gay Porn Stars: COLT Springs Eternal

“In the spring,” cooed Tennyson “a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Substitute love with lust, and add in COLT‘s new exclusives, and you can see why. The iconic company which dominated the gay porn scene in the 60s and 70s, reinvented itself in 2003 and has been adding to its bumper […]

Dirty, Dirty Sanchez: Anatomy of a Hustler

The slang definition of a hustler is a man who has sex for money. Gay men — as reflected by classics like “Hustler White” and “My Own Private Idaho” — romanticize the lone streetwalker with a heart of gold, but the word has far more insidious implications in the wider lexicon. American Heritage defines “hustler” […]