Month: March 2007

Gay Porn’s Just Cropping Up Everywhere

First Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency … then O’Reilly Factor, then a retail department store catalog … just when I thought I’d seen it all … Click “Continue Reading” to see the downright bizarre source of the following gay porn-centric blurb, image, and caption: [Will] Clark’s guest this night was the cartoonishly buff adult-film actor Diesel […]

Gay Porn Webcast: Live from the GayVNs

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A porn star, a drag queen and a tiny baggie walk into a bar… wait, scratch that. Okay, okay. It’s unfunny cause it’s true. For those of you who weren’t in San Francisco for the debaucherous GayVN weekend (or, alternately, if you were here but don’t remember it), […]

Gay Porn News: “Dirty” Sanchez Update

A few poor, confused readers commented on last week’s Rod Majors/Matt Sanchez story, suggesting it was hypocritical of us — and the gay community at large — to take him to task just for doing porn and being a Republican. One reader pointed out that he was merely standing up against being harassed which is […]

Gay Porn DVD: Lord of Milking

There are two things that get me to turn off Everybody Loves Raymond I Love New York Frontline and turn on gay porn: newly trendy sexual acts and old-fashioned perversion. In their latest release, Lord of Milking, Oh Man! hits a double header — how could I not pop it (in)? Sure, it’s a little […]

Gay Porn Mystery: Mukhtar Safarov, Redux

Despite the “is it real or isn’t it” debate still raging (well, maybe sort of whimpering) over in the comments section of the original post from last September, no one has been able to provide definitive proof one way or the other about Mukhtar Safarov perhaps-silicone-or-pump-enhanced horse cock, (although he seems to have finally taken […]

Gay Porn Before And After: Rod Majors

Before: 11-inch uncut stud Rod Majors, who appeared in mid-nineties classics like Idol Country, Built Tough, and Kristen Bjorn’s Call of The Wild (as Pierre LaBranche) After: Cpl. Matt Sanchez: Right-wing talking head currently making the rounds on the usually rather gay-porn-phobic Hannity, O’Reilly, and even the devil herself Ann Coulter. In response to the […]