Month: February 2007

Gay Porn Event: Erotic Legacies History of Porn Reception

Should you find yourself in San Francisco this weekend craving something high-brow and historically significant to balance out the nonstop undulations of adulatory self-congratulation and debauch that is known as the GAYVN Award weekend, then you may be in luck. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society is holding “Erotic Legacies”, a reception to honor […]

Gay Porn Clip: Gaytanamo’s Classical Fetish

For hardcore fetishists, there are many ways to make sense more intense. For the boys at Dark Alley, the solution is ski masks, abductions, torture, rough sex and … classical music. (You heard me!) Gaytanamo, the long-awaited and already controversial feature about sextraordinary rendition and (once you go) “black sites,” goes for the jugular with […]

Gay Porn Tip #4: Jerk Off to Porn?

Hmmm. Of all the methods of seducing a straight man I might use, “Get Caught Jerking off to Freshmen” is not one that I’d employ — even with Valentine’s Day coming up. In fact, I think that even as a gay porn loving gay man, I might be creeped out to find my camping buddy […]

Gay Porn News: XXX Raids in Times Square

Gay porn producers don’t normally view the federal government as allies. In the past year, nearly a dozen adult companies have been subjected to raids by the FBI looking for record-keeping violations. So on Saturday morning when I got an text message from Owen Hawk with a pic featuring US Marshalls outside a run-down XXX […]