Month: January 2007

Gay Porn Seduction Tip #3: Roofies!

So I’m titillated by straight guys. Sue me. Actually, I just like the game of cat and mouse. Jett Blakk’s gay porn tips for desperate and enterprising homosexuals continues with the tried and true classic called Stare at Them Intently While They Sleep and Hope They Don’t Punch You When You Touch Their Dick. This […]

Gay Porn News: Cobra Video Owner Murdered

The charred remains of Bryan Charles Kocis were identified by Pennsylvania authorities earlier today and a formal murder investigation has begun. An autopsy revealed that he was stabbed to death. They believe that his house was intentionally set on fire to cover up the murder and his remains had to be identified by dental records, […]

Gay Porn Stars Come Out Against Meth, the tell-it-like-it-is San Francisco-based anti-crystal meth concern unveiled their ad latest campaign featuring gay porn stars Parker Williams, Matt Cole, Matthew Rush, Michael Brandon, Derrick Hanson, Jay Black and Tom Lazzari. But they’re not the only ones to take a stand against meth. Spencer Quest released a statement via email last week from rehab, […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: How To Seduce A Straight Man

As a full-fledged homosexual in a full-fledged homosexual city, I sometimes miss the will-he-let-me-suck-his-dick obsessiveness that defined my relationship with straight guys in high school. Uncomfortable tension is the hallmark of a hot pre-sexual encounter, almost eclipsing the joy one finds upon pulling back the waist band of a pair of Jockeys to size up […]

2007 Gay Porn “Oscar” Noms Announced

The GAYVN Awards — the closest the gay porn industry has to the Oscars — were announced late yesterday to little fanfare (most likely because everyone is at the AVN Expo in Vegas but lil old me…) As expected, Lucas Entertainment’s La Dolce Vita was the most nominated with a total of 14. Buckshot Productions’s […]

Gay Porn Breakthru: “Safe” Bareback?

Bareback porn has been a bone of contention in the gay porn industry for almost a decade. While major studios have long fought bareback upstarts for encouraging unsafe behavior and profiting from unsafe working conditions, the point may now be moot: Raging Stallion director Chris Ward claims to have produced the first safe-sex bareback film. […]

Gay Porn “Best of” Lists

Just as almost every major gay porn studio will garner a nod when the GayVN Award nominations for gay porn come out later this month (last year featured roughly thirty categories with ten to twelve nominees in each), so do the inevitable year end lists. ManNet’s Butch Harris came out with his today (“The 100 […]