Month: December 2006

Gay Porn Preview: Gaytanamo

Most porn scripts are fluff and most porn stars are smoked turkey bland. Not a Dark Alley‘s Violator. The script for Dark Alley’s upcoming production “Gaytanamo” — wherein a German tourist “suffers” some extraordinary rendition at the hands of their new exclusive, Violator, came across my desk right before the holidays. It’s camera directions like […]

Tiger Tyson Goes Doggie Style

No one can say Tiger Tyson doesn’t have a heart, even if it can’t claim to be his largest organ. Tiger, a former New York bad boy and founding figure at Pitbull Productions, is working with a rescue center to save South Central’s rabble rouser ‘E’, a purebred Pitbull abandoned by gangland drug dealers, from […]

Dolce Vitals: Michael Lucas Gay Porn Premiere

Michael Lucas – the man New York magazine recently dubbed “The Lion of Chelsea” – has never shied away from the limelight. Whether he’s pontificating on Lucas Blog or pissing on Spencer Quest, Lucas seems to revel in his status as porn’s most debonair debaucher. Last night La Dolce Vita – an R-rated version of […]

Gay Porn XXX-Mas Gifts

I’ve learned two things about giving porn to friends. First, it’s always appreciated. Two, your gift can reveal way too much. Friends (and lovers) either think it’s a confession (“I can’t get enough of barebacking twink hookers!”) or an implication (“You’re a big bottom, aren’t you?”). While you could get him a T.M.X. Elmo or […]