Month: November 2006

Mr. Ridgeston Goes To Hollywood (FL.)

Seems the timing on yesterday’s entry wasn’t that off. Christmas came early this year for porn fans in South Florida who were treated to a rare four nights of live performances by Lucas Ridgeston at the Boardwark in Ft. Lauderdale. Fabscout Agent Howard Marr, who set up the event, gushed, “He was the sweetest, most […]

Gay Porn Webcast: Tim and Roma Get Stuffed

Call it counter-programming. While some are quite content to spend Thanksgiving in full family mode, watching sports with cousins and wallowing in Tim Allen Xmas piddle, the crew of the Tim and Roma porn show perfers the company of strangers (well, at least the strange). So if you’ve had enough of your sister-in-law’s tales from […]

Jason Adonis Wants to Bottom For You

What does $10 get you these days? How about Jason Adonis’s butt-cherry … and a nickel. Falcon is offering his much-heralded bottoming scene with Erik Rhodes from “Farmer’s Son” on VOD almost three full months before the DVD is released. They’ve even put up a site to commemorate this momentaneous — er — momentous occasion: […]

Playgirl Killer Apprehended, Hates Gays

Marcus Allen/Timothy Boham was arrested on suspicion of murder while trying to flee to Mexico earlier today (in an ending that eerily echos that of Wash West’s porn fiction feature The Fluffer.) The picture of Boham that emerges in the wake of his arrest suggests a deeply troubled man who was struggling with his sexuality […]

Marcus Allen: Murder Suspect

Gay-for-pay porn star Marcus Allen — (who appeared in Through The Woods, among others) is the primary suspect in the murder case of John P. Kelso, his boss and president of a Denver financial company. Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Allen (real name Timothy J. Bohan, aged 25,) is considered armed and dangerous and […]

Free Gay Porn Clip: Fleshlight Follies

Every once in awhile, something comes along that reminds me why the internet is so valuable (i.e., as a repository of things no one would otherwise bother distributing). While watching cum-gobbling Brazilian twink hookers doing research on pervo porn mecca PornoTube this weekend, I stumbled across this gem, which gives you a turd’s-eye view of […]

Pitbull Sinks Teeth Into Gay Reality Porn

Reward fucks? Fetish shows? Sex on a bain marie? Many porno have spun the reality-show genre, but The Show (a co-production of New York-based companies Pitbull Productions and Dark Alley Media) really genre back to its low-rent roots. The dicks are huge, the sex is perverse and the lighting — well, the lighting is beside […]