Month: October 2006

Roland Dane: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

Politics and porn are often uncomfortable bedfellows, but in the case of the Soviet Bloc over fifteen years ago, the fall of some led to the, er, rise of others. When men in countries like Czechoslovakia and Hungary finally gained access to the West, there was plenty of free trade to go around. Granted, in […]

Gay Porn Takes Two: The Money Shot Report

When was the last time you saw Pat O’Brien mount a huge fat cock? Mainstream Hollywood has Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, eXtra and about a thousand other televised fungi living off of the decay of celebrity culture, but gay porn has really only ever had one to call its own —’s Tim and Roma […]

Gay Porn Sneak Peek: “Dripping Wet”

Falcon does it all the time: they announce they’ve signed a new exclusive but you’ve got to wait like six months for their first movie to come out. With their two newest, Cort Donovan (left) and Ashon Star (below), however, they’re giving us a taste by having the guys do a FalconTV live sex show […]

The Gay Porn Legend: Chad Hunt

Who knew that Chad Hunt was such a big softie? For years, the mega-hung porn legend was as well known for his straight guy persona as he was for his huge cock. Of course, like most legends the early gossip was overblown. This summer he went through a particularly rough patch with Michael Lucas as […]

Gay Porn Before & After: Kris Knight / Myles

Before: Kris Knight, Fresh-faced and corn-fed gay-for-pay jock on After:Myles, grizzly ‘n goatee’d street trade on (roughly one year later): Atkins kills? Hard to believe it’s the same guy, but the tattoos don’t lie. Jeremy at Starrfucker couldn’t even believe it, and he was the one who shot him for Randy Blue in […]

Gay Porn Quickie(s): Aaron King

I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love twice in one week. Just as I was resolved to spend the rest of my life pretending I was married to Damien Crosse, Dark Alley Media introduces me to their newest discovery Aaron King. So the story goes: when one of his frat brothers gave […]

Damien Crosse: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

On occasion a gay porn star comes along who seems so fucking, well, perfect that a cynical voice inside your head insists there must be a catch. Part of Titan’s new batch of exclusives, Damien Crosse is one of those too-perfect–for-words guys: movie-star good looks, chisled body kissed with the ideal smattering of fur, dripping-with-sex […]